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Limitation of liability


In a very unlikely event that our makeup artist is unable to carry out the services for your booking due to any unforeseen circumstances, Shoba Bridals will make every effort to secure a replacement makeup artist of equivalent calibre from within and/or beyond our team. If a suitable replacement cannot be found and if the choice of replacement artist is rejected by the client, our responsibility and liability is limited only to the full refund of any payment or deposit made by the client to Shoba Bridals. We shall not be held liable for any payment that was not made prior to the time/date our artist informs the client regarding the unforeseen circumstance. 


​​We are not under any circumstances responsible for any allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to notify us if you or anyone in your group has particular sensitivity that you are aware of. We will be happy to use your products that you are familiar with.

Changes and Cancellation

Once deposit is placed, any change of service or date shall be strictly in within the sole decision of our artist and no transfer of booking is not allowed. Our artist holds all rights to deny any change of service or date and the deposit will remain non-refundable in such scenario. 


Please note that there shall be no refunds if the rates of the services for the revised booking are lower than that for the original booking. In such cases, you are also required to make the full payment based on the higher rates if you have not paid the balance. Otherwise, we regret that your deposit will be forfeited.


No refunds, either in part or full, will be made in the event you wish to cancel your service booking after deposit is received.

Please understand that our artists have blocked those time slots/ and dates for your booking and would suffer losses if the booking is cancelled.

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